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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety & Depression

Together, we will work towards healing from situations that have caused you pain in your past, and learn tools and techniques to minimize fear and worry in your present. 

Healthy Relationships & Boundary Setting

Our earliest experiences shape the dynamics of our current relationships. Together, we will help you unlearn any unhealthy and toxic patterns that are preventing your current relationships from thriving, and learn how to set boundaries that honor you and your needs. 

Stage of Life & Changes/Transitions

Whether it's a welcomed or unwelcomed change that we are encountering, we are bound to experience a host of emotions that may be challenging to navigate. Together, we will help you to learn the tools needed to confidently move through whatever transition comes your way. 

My Approach

I do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to therapy. Instead, my approach to supporting my clients is to meet them where they are at, utilizing whatever tools and modalities are needed in order to facilitate reaching the goals they have on their personal growth journey.

In the first few sessions together, my goal is to understand what struggles you are currently experiencing that are causing you distress, and then provide you tools to help minimize those stressors to get to a more stabilized place. Once you are feeling more grounded and able to manage your current stressors, then I encourage the exploration of why these things are present in the first place, where they are coming from, and ultimately when they were initially learned and began. I believe that helping you uncover and discover these important pieces of information are vital to your long-term success in becoming the best version of you possible. 

I utilize an eclectic approach of modalities in order to support you and your unique needs. This includes Mindfulness-Based Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Psychodynamic, Solution-Focused, Positive Psychology, Family Systems, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Attachment-Based Therapy, Family Systems and others.

In addition to supporting you with the use of talk therapy, I might invite you to be open to incorporating other more holistic forms of healing into your life, whenever I feel that will help you progress in the ways that you desire. This might include acupuncture, reiki, or astrology if you are willing and open. 

My number one goal is that you feel you have all of the tools and support in order to live the life you envision for yourself, and maybe even a life that is bigger and more fulfilling than you can currently imagine for yourself! 

My Approach
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